Warehouse Management Embraces Mobile Tech

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Bloomingdales Seeks an End to Wardrobing

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Affluent Millennials Purchase Online Daily

Affluent millennials who refer to themselves as "influencers" are making online purchases on a daily basis, according to a report from the research firm iProspect, to be released tomorrow. Generation Xers purchase weekly and Baby Boomers... Read More

Is the New Gmail Bad for Retail?

Google's latest tweak to Gmail may not be good for business. Retailers are getting the word out on any number of platforms these days, including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter, but email remains the workhouse... Read More

Warby Parker and the Future of Retail

When hip e-commerce glasses site Warby Parker launched three years ago is was said to represent the future of retail. Stores it was said would soon be a thing of the past. The glasses were inexpensive,... Read More