February 22, 2017

The number of curated subscription services is growing every month. Alongside that rapid growth, interest in subscription box fulfillment has increased at a similar rate. 

Here’s a selection of stats that show just how quickly the business model has moved in recent years:

  • There are more than 2,000 subscription box services in operation, including the arrival of brand names like Walmart and Starbucks into the marketplace.
  • Subscribers are often dedicated to more than one service. The average customer uses seven services and has many more on their wishlist.
  • One of the most prominent names in the industry, Birchbox, started in 2010 and now has more than one million subscribers. At the peak of its recent growth, the subscriber count surged by 1,777% in a little over two years. (Data via Shorr)

That’s enough to attract any prospective retail entrepreneur to the party! However, the subscription box sector is not without its challenges.

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February 15, 2017

It’s already February; business is back in full flow and the snow is hitting hard if you live on the East coast. All good reasons for accidentally overlooking some of the more important headlines that our industry had to offer in January.

As usual, there’s no need to worry. Capacity has you covered with early analysis of the fulfillment sector as 2017 got underway. Continue reading Order Fulfillment in Review: January 2017

February 7, 2017

Depending on your position, drop shipping means different things to different people. Even with the growing popularity of the method and its unique alignment with e-commerce, the risks of drop shipping are significant. 

For that reason, it can be tough to tell whether the risks are worth taking on for your business. Will drop shipping be the key to growing a brand and building a base of customers? Or will it lead to unreliable order fulfillment and a reputation for failure?

Without careful consideration, things can quickly go wrong. This applies to brands as well as service providers, both of which perspectives we’ll explore in this article.

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January 30, 2017

It’s no secret that mobile technology moves faster than most. The first iPhone was released a little over ten years ago and the device is already on its seventh iteration. Android devices accelerated at a similar pace, leaving most consumers with a device in their hands that’s just as powerful as many desktop alternatives.

This rapid advancement has proved to be fuel on the already blazing fire of e-commerce. Online retail has surged in recent years and mobile commerce has played a big part in that rise. Purchases on smartphones and tablets accounted for 32% of all sales during the 2016 holiday period, valued at more than $24 billion.

That being said, pulling those orders in is just the first phase. Getting products picked, packed, shipped, and delivered in a timely manner is where the rubber meets the road — and where some retailers fail to make the grade. Continue reading How the Move to Mobile Commerce Impacts Order Fulfillment

January 19, 2017

Every year around this time, many businesses who rely on smooth order handling and seamless delivery have the same nagging thought: Is it time to find a new fulfillment provider?

It’s a valid question. If your brand is built on getting products to customers with reliable speed and in pristine condition, anything that diminishes those qualities also damages the brand.

It’s a competitive marketplace out there and even one negative experience can drive a fan of your brand into the waiting arms of a competitor. Continue reading 5 Ways to Find a New Fulfillment Provider